Camille DeSalme has learned, used, and taught the inner work she does since the late '80s.

Over those decades, she honed it into a streamlined way to access inner peace, see new connections, and increase self-trust. Her book, Tea & Cookies: How I Welcome My Jabberwock, describes the method, which can help people move from victim mode to recognizing their personal power.

And now it's changing again to be easier and more restful!

Her work background: Writing software for a major corporation, then doing bookkeeping for small companies, then creating and selling fiber arts, and doing public speaking about the (not-quite-at-that-time streamlined) method to listen to your inner self. Camille was a freelance copy editor for 10 years, too, until 2018, when she stopped to focus on her current work—and fun.

A fan of inline skating, dancing, and paddle boarding, in 2019 Camille started creating live events that combine her love of the outdoors with facilitating others to practice accessing and loving parts of themselves they've had trouble with. These physical activities are on hold while Camille heals from cancer.

As if that isn't enough, she sells T-shirts on Amazon and

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