Love What You've Hated
& Watch Your Life Change

Zion retreat.

CANCELED - Transformation & Nature

Hike in nature, then relax indoors while finding how to work in a restful way.
May 23 & 24, 2020
Zion National Park


Transformation & Big Ole Trees

Redwoods details coming soon.

how to meditate tee,

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"Begin welcoming and collaborating with, instead of fighting, shaming, or hiding, your inner aspects to create a more restful inner and outer life." Camille DeSalme

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In Part I, Camille uses real-life examples to show how to face, interact with, and love habits, feelings, and thoughts you've been trying to avoid or banish, but they won't go away. When you interact with them this way, those previously problematic aspects tend to leave or to change so they're now working with you.

Part II of the book describes a method that looks like helping others—but actually it's healing the infinite oneness we all are.