Want to clean up the paths your subconscious patterns run along?

How about loving and accepting more of yourself?

Sounds great—but how?

Feel stuck and afraid you can’t change your situation?

Imagine if you had a way to alter that!

With the Clear Path Process, you can:

  • Improve self-awareness in a way that makes it easier to face what you find
  • Get at your subconscious answers—those hidden things you know—but that you don’t yet know consciously
  • Find and clean up outdated or incorrect beliefs and info that cause your subconscious patterns to stumble

Wait! There’s more!

Sometimes, simply welcoming and sending love to an aspect of yourself that you’ve denied or shunned is enough to start it changing for the best. What’s really cool about that? You can begin to live more out of loving yourself than out of finding fault with yourself. I’m crazy about that approach to personal development.

And you can see the change in this visual process.

What might it do for you?

Let’s find out! (I teach the process in private and group sessions.) It’s helped people:

  • More easily do the steps your coach suggests
  • Clarify and change patterns
  • Improve work focus and reduce procrastination
  • Clear or reduce debt
  • Turn inner critical voices into your biggest fans
  • Improve relationships, including loving self more
  • Quickly get back to sleep at night
  • Quickly stop anger, irritation, and resentment
  • Improve work/fun balance
  • Reduce fear
  • Clear away confusion
  • Stop or reduce physical pain or discomfort
  • Vastly increase self-trust
  • Be healthier and happier
  • Have more fun!

Talk with your troubles

How many times have you shoved away or ignored a problem—and it solved itself? I’m not saying it doesn’t happen; sometimes things work out without our conscious intervention. But for all those times that doesn’t work . . . and for those times you want to take charge . . . use this creative meditation. The basics of the Clear Path Process:

  • You see and talk with the aspect of yourself that’s contributing to a problem. Your imagination creates an image of the aspect as a separate person, animal, or symbolic object.
  • This separation can give you distance and increase your objectivity, making problems easier to face.
  • Seeing the aspect can create a feeling of affection, making it easier to work with yourself in a kind way rather than beating yourself up.
  • You learn the noble purpose beneath the strife: noble purposes such as keeping you safe, comforted, included—or trying to do that for others.
  • You change how that noble purpose is carried out, to keep the value of that aspect without the problem—or with it reduced.

You can watch and feel the changes happen within yourself! If you don’t see things in your mind, don’t worry. The process can provide a variety of sensory feedback.

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